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How to register?

The ACGL platform will be used to run the following titles for Pro and Amateur tournaments.

Firstly, go to the ACGL LANX page and create your team.

Then send an email to info@lanx.co.za with your ACGL Team URL, your ticket barcode numbers and the tournament you would like to join. Once teams are confirmed they will be added to the participants list for the game.

Please remember to let us know if you would like to play in Pro tier of Amateur tier.

Follow the button bellow to the ACGL LANX platform page. All the rules for every game tournament will be there individually.

Fight for the top spot with your Team/Clan - Tournaments schedule coming Soon

There will be 2 tiers of competitions, An Amateur section and Pro section.
More details will be revealed to register at the ACGL page.

Team up – Show up – Dominate