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From a group of friends and colleagues meeting together to LAN since 2008, their LAN party grew to become a descent gaming event.

LanX (LAN Gaming + Expo) is about gathering the IT community to create a competitive gaming experience and to show case technology trends with an expo.

Each LAN game competition have huge prizes sponsored by the Organisers or other Sponsors. This event is run over 3 nights and 4 days, creating enough time for serious gaming enthusiast to compete and also enough time for sponsors to address the gamers directly to enjoy direct marketing opportunity. The leaders of tomorrow’s IT companies are LAN gamers.

This is a place to meet new friends that have the same interest and behaviour to create a social atmosphere and collate with each other in games and media.


2 July 2020 – 7:00am

5 July 2020 – 13:00pm

Entrance Fee for the Event

R370 per gamer. (Tickets sold on LANX website only)

R20 Girlfriend / Relative pass. (Entrance to the event and exhibitors. No Computer or cellphone charger allowed. No disturbing of other gamers.)

Where to buy tickets? 

Click Here


The Event will stretch across a period of 4 days running 24 hours on end. Competitions will be held during the day so that visitors can also have the opportunity to spectate. If you want to be part of the LAN you will need to bring your own PC with a screen, keyboard, mouse, headset, power cables and Ticket.

Entrance fee for the event consist of :

Entrance to the event for all four days, allowing you to bring your computer and choose a spot in the allocated gaming area. Access to the exhibitors during the event duration and participation in the Sponsors’ info sessions and giveaways. 
NB: Gamers will not be allowed into the event with their computers if they have not paid for a LANX Ticket. Exhibitors and Sponsors will be exempt from the payment and will get a LANX Pass.


Info about LANX 2020.

Parking Areas

Secure vehicle parking & security will also be provided 24/7. On the grass at the back of the church, not across the street anymore. The yard across the street is off limits. Please do not park in front of the hall entrance. Park only at the blue marked area on the map.


There will be a 24-hour catering service, providing warm food to the gamers & suppliers attending the event, visitors during the day and gamers at night when needed.
You will be allowed to bring in your own snacks, but please be considerate and do not litter. Keep the venue clean.

Power and Safety?

LANX will have 4 x 3 phase power sources in which to supply enough electricity output for all the suppliers, sponsors and gamers attending the event.  Gamers will bring their own multi-plug, supporting only enough sockets for their computer case and monitors. As LANX rules and regulations, we do not allow gamers to have heaters, fans, or any other electrical appliances plugged in at the event. Reason for this is for the simple fact that gamers will be competing in competitions and if the power fails or any of the servers shut down insecurely the risk of data loss, hardware failure or monitored scoreboards will be fatal. LANX will also inspect the computers and attending gamers for possible power failure hazards. 

Accommodation close to the venue?

You are more then welcome to bring a sleeping bag and stretcher to take a nap when the gaming gets to hard. 


File Sharing Server and Software?

DC++ is a file-sharing software you need to install in order to connect to the server and share files with friends at the LAN. We will use this to share any software you need to use for the LAN.

Get it here or here

Or try the ApexDC that works exactly the same.

Get it here.

We are not responsible for the content being shared. We discouraged copyright infringement. Do not share copyrighted content.



Player Survival Checklist:

  • PC Box
  • Monitor
  • Cables
  • Adapters
  • Multiplug
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Mouse Pad
  • Headphones
  • Power / Kettle Cord
  • Recovery Discs & OS Discs
  • USB Cellphone Charger
  • Cellphone
  • Tickets or Ticket numbers
  • Money (for weekend and petrol)
  • Sleeping bag or stretcher
  • Games up to date on steam.
  • DC files hashed.
  • Warm clothes and a blanket.
  • Cosplay gear (if you are cosplaying)
  • And most importantly a good spirit to come and have fun and enjoy the LAN.

Term's & Conditions?

  1. LANX Equipment
    1. Each person may only use one chair at every computer space. You are not allowed to pile two or more chairs on top of each other to create a higher chair, please bring a pillow instead.
    2. You are in no way permitted to build your own table or extend pre-existing ones.
    3. You may not alter or remove LANX cables or equipment.
  2. Energy Consumption
    1. You are absolutely not allowed to bring any form of a toaster, microwave, coffee boiler, refrigerator, searchlight or any other high watt consuming or heat producing appliances. LANX crew has the right to confiscate those belongings without a warning. All geysers must stay off.
    2. You are not allowed to use homemade electrical equipment. Please use the electricity cables and extensions of good quality. Poor quality electrical cables or extensions can harm your computer equipment, and also creates ground leaks that will cause the trip-switch to shut down and result in your equipment being without power until corrected.
    3. You are not allowed to bring any form of PA equipment or large speakers. To reduce the sound level and power consumption we ask you to use headphones.
  3. Network
    1. You are not permitted to connect your own WLAN access point or WLAN router to the LANX network.
    2. If your computer is causing problems in the network such as a virus, attacks, etc. your computer will be disconnected until the problem is resolved. If the person refuses to disconnect his/her computer from the network we have the right to evict this person from the premises.
    3.  Each participant shall take proper precaution to protect themselves from the network against spreading of viruses, spyware etc. Everyone is advised to have an updated antivirus program and firewall installed and Legal software.
    4. Your PC should be virus free before attending the LAN. Should you be unsure we will provide you with trial versions of popular Anti-Virus Software to assist you.
    5. The network provisioned by LANX to run its event is provided for the sole reason of connecting the attendee’s PCs to each other to facilitate gaming. LANX takes no responsibility for the content that flows over the network.
    6. All data that is within the attendee’s possession is their sole responsibility.
    7. The internet connection and equipment is upgraded so the internet connection will be stable.
    8. If found that a person is abusing the internet connection, that person’s connection will be blocked.
    9. If we find that you try to hack by any means on our network or whithin the scripts of the games or tournaments, you will be banned and disqualified and LanX wil have the right to let you leave the premises without any refund.
  4. Intoxication, Violence & Pornography
    1. Alcohol and drugs in any form do not belong and are not allowed to be taken onto LANX premises. Intoxicated people will not be let onto the premises. Any person found intoxicated and/or on drugs will be shown off the premises.
    2. Smoking is strictly forbidden indoors and is only allowed at the dedicated smoking area.
    3. No weapons of any type will be allowed. Any person found with a dangerous weapon(s) will be removed from the premises. If a person refuses the authorities will be notified.
    4. No public demonstration of pornography or any other unsuitable materials or content of any sort is allowed. (Including Hentai.)
  5. Clutter
    1. You are responsible for keeping your seat and the surrounding area free from litter.
    2. You are not permitted to bring an armchair or couch of any sort. These are too large but a simple office chair is allowed.
    3. You are not permitted to sleep underneath the tables or in the aisles. Please use the sleeping area.
    4. You are not allowed to store belongings in the aisle behind your seat since these aisles must be kept free for others to walk by. Your belongings should thus be able to fit underneath your table area. Sleeping gear is to be kept in the sleeping areas.
  6. Miscellaneous 
    Under age:

    1. LANX has no minimum age requirement, but participants under the age of 18 should have their parents’ permission to attend LANX. Guardian(s) should be aware of LANX rules and accept the rules. Kids should be under the supervision of their guardians. Kids should provide a letter of consent form their Guardians with telephone numbers and permission to treat them in case of emergency. 


    1. You are not permitted to sell anything without the permission of LANX staff. This does not include an occasional sale of second hand or personal belongings.
    2. Posting posters or any other spreading of commercial material, propaganda or anything similar is strictly forbidden without special clearance from LANX crew.
    3. The hosts and organizers will not be held responsible for any loss of any kind resulting from the attendance of the LANX event.
    4. LANX retains the legal right to place network cameras for publishing on the Internet and also publish photo’s taken inside and outside LANX on the Internet without asking further permission from participants that may be visible in the picture.
      LANX retains the legal right to edit, publish, modify, sell and distribute photography, video and audio recordings taken inside and outside the venue on various content delivery channels such as but not limited to Youtube, Vimeo and other sites as a physical copy such as but not limited to DVD, HDCAM SR and Blu-Ray without asking further permission from persons that may be visible in the picture.


    1. The prizes allocated to the competitions may and can change without prior notice.
    2. Prizes may not be exchanged for money.
    3. Prizes are final at the event.
    4. Prizes not collected within 2 months will be forfeited.
    5. LANX or any other third party will not be liable for any damage or faults caused by the user’s improper use.
    6. LANX will not follow up on prizes not claimed.


    1. Cracked or patched games will not be allowed in the tournaments. 
    2. No cheating in games will be allowed
    3. Come with your games installed and updated to spare yourself and your team effort. 
    4. Games that you need to purchase will not be provided for free. Make sure you bought and own the game you want to play.
    5. Check your game client software and make sure it’s working. 


You are able to cancel your ticket 7 days before the event, but no refund will be given. Canceling with in a month of the event will require 50% cancellation fee. Canceling before a month of the event will require a 15% cancellation fee.


The right of admission to any LANX event is reserved at all times.
These rules are subject to change at any time without prior notification.
By attending a LANX event you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.