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FAQ Page

Where to buy tickets?

Entrance Fee for the Event

R350 per gamer. (Tickets sold on LANX website)

R20 Girlfriend / Relative pass. No Computer or cellphone charger allowed.

Entrance fee for the event will go to LANX Gaming & Expo event, this will be the gaming ticket (which gamers use in order to participate in the gaming challenges and competitions – gamers who have their computers on premises). Gamers will not be allowed into the event with their computers if they have not paid for a LANX ticket. Suppliers who do the Expo will be exempt from the payment and will get a LANX Pass.

Power and safety?

LANX will have 4 x 3 phase power sources in which to supply enough electricity output for all the suppliers, sponsors and Gamers attending the event.  Gamers will bring their own multi-plug, supporting only enough sockets for their computer case and monitors. As LANX rules and regulations, we do not allow Gamers to have heaters, fans, or any other electrical appliances plugged in at the event. Reason for this is for the simple fact that Gamers will be competing in competitions and if the power fails or any of the servers shut down insecurely the risk of data loss, hardware failure or monitored scoreboards will be fatal. LANX will also inspect the computers and attending Gamers for possible power failure hazards. 

What about Intoxication, Violence & Pornography?

  1. Alcohol and drugs in any form do not belong and are not allowed to be taken onto LANX premises. Intoxicated people will not be let onto the premises. Any person found intoxicated and/or on drugs will be shown off the premises.
  2. Smoking is strictly forbidden indoors and is only allowed at the dedicated smoking area.
  3. No weapons of any type will be allowed. Any person found with a dangerous weapon(s) will be removed from the premises. If a person refuses the authorities will be notified.
  4. No public demonstration of pornography or any other unsuitable materials or content of any sort is allowed. (Including Hentai.)

Whats the policy on Tournaments & required Game Titles?

  1. Cracked or patched games will not be allowed in the tournaments. 
  2. No cheating in games will be allowed
  3. Come with your games installed and updated to spare yourself and your team effort. 
  4. Games that you need to purchase will not be provided for free. Make sure you bought and own the game you want to play.
  5. Check your game client software and make sure it’s working. 

What must I bring with?

Player Survival Checklist:

  • PC Box
  • Monitor
  • Cables
  • Adapters
  • Multiplug
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Mouse Pad
  • Headphones
  • Power / Kettle Cord
  • Recovery Discs & OS Discs
  • USB Cellphone Charger
  • Cellphone
  • Tickets or Ticket numbers
  • Money (for weekend and petrol)
  • Sleeping bag or stretcher
  • Games up to date on steam.
  • DC files hashed.
  • Warm clothes and a blanket.
  • Cosplay gear (if you are cosplaying)
  • And most importantly a good spirit to come and have fun and enjoy the LAN.