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astrum ET300 Wireless Headset Review

So we are finally writing a short review of the astrum ET300 wireless headset. We have actually been testing this product for 8 months and have decided to finally give you our opinion of the product. A newer model of the ET300 headset has also been released, however the model we are reviewing is still widely available. If you are not familiar with the astrum brand, be sure to check them out. The company started in Hong Kong, however you can find them all over South Africa.

The first thing you will notice is that the product packaging is really sturdy and the product is firmly secured inside. The product specs are as follows :

  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Up to 10m range
  • Up to 3 hours talk or music time
  • 40mAh battery
  • 1 hour to charge
  • Micro USB connection

Inside of the packaging you will find different sizes of ear covers and also ear hats to secure the headset inside of your ear. This is very useful for people who are using to earphones for running or cycling. The packaging also includes a user manual with all the info you need to know about pairing the device with phones or tablets and answering calls or toggling between play and pause modes and more.

I have mostly used the earphones while mowing the lawn or doing garden work outside and the ET300 headset performed great. Another use case is for quiet environments or late at night to not disturb other members in the house while listening to music. The sound quality is fairly good on both the low end and the high end ranges. Because of the rubber seal inside, the sound isolation is really good and cancels out most interference or outside noises. The battery can last for up to 3 hours, however, I have mostly used the headset within the 2 hour range without any disconnects or drops. Although the ET300 headset is not the best wireless headset out there, it is certainty not the worst and gives excellent performance. The last thing that I should mention is that the charging dock has two small magnetic placeholders for the earpieces, making it very convenient to charge. The current price for the headset is between R550 and R650 which is affordable if you compare it to other wireless headsets of the same “in ear” form factor.

For more information, see the astrum website https://www.astrumworld.com/sa/en/bluetooth-headset-/835-et300.html

Here are a few images of the earpieces :