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Cooler Master – Apex Legends Tournament Update

Cooler Master Masters Cup Apex Legends Tournament

This year Cooler Master is hosting an Apex Legends tournament at LANX 2022 through their Master Cup league, a subsidiary company called Master XP. We are looking forward to see what they have in store for all the gamers attending the event. Gamers can get ready and practice their kill shot.

Registrations will be handled at the event and Cooler Master will give all the rules and procedures through at the event.

The Apex Legends tournament will start Friday evening at 9pm South African time. This will give all the working gamers a chance to get their stuff and head over to the event.

Remember, this is an LANX event specific event specific. Do not miss this awesome opportunity to be part of the Master Cup Apex Legends tournament.

Master Cup is a series of online tournaments create by Cooler Master to allow gamers to reach higher levels of skills and qualifications. Some gamers have grown to be part of elite esports teams.

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