A Gaming event and expo for the Gamers by the Gamers

LANX (Lan Gaming + Expo) is about gathering the IT community to create a competitive gaming experience and to showcase the latest technology trends with an expo. Each LAN game competition has huge prizes sponsored by the Organizers or other Sponsors. This event is run over 3 nights and 4 days, creating enough time for serious gaming enthusiasts to compete and also enough time for sponsors to address the gamers directly to enjoy direct marketing opportunities. People also have the opportunity to cosplay and take part in the cosplay picnic. The leaders of tomorrow’s IT companies are gamers. This is a place to meet new friends that have the same interest and behavior to create a social atmosphere and collate with each other in games and media.

Great Prizes to be won.

Sponsors you can meet face to face.

Meet people with similar interests.

Gamers amongst gamers.

Collaborate in tournaments.

Freedom and relaxation of a social event.

Opportunity to get exposure and influence.

See how experts handle the network and manage a multitude PC’s.

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